Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Delta 50-760 Vertical Bag Dust Collector Air Filter Review

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Here’s a quick must have item for anyone that does a serious amount of woodworking. Wether you’re working in a garage or have a shop you’ll definitely want one of these things to keep things clean and your air clean. The Delta 50-760 Vertical Bag Dust Collector is designed to filter contaminants from the air as small as a single micron. That’s pretty damn small! The Delta 50-760 is powered by a 1.5 HP motor and can power through 1,200 cubic feet of dirty air and filter it in about a minute. That’s A LOT OF AIR! There’s absolutely no reason to keep breathing dirty air so stop it and buy the Delta Vertical Dust Bag collector!

1.5 horsepower motor
Can filter 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute
Filters out dust particles and pollutants as small as one micron
The device weighs 95 lbs. and takes up just a 34.5” x 20” x 18” area
Uses a clear 6-mil plastic bags for storing pollutants, making changing bags very easy
Rolls around on wheels so you can move it around when you need to

Hitachi C10FCE2 10” Compound Miter Saw

Hello Readers,

Here’s a cool looking saw that has a lot more going on for it than just looks. There’s tons of features and it’s backed by an incredible manufacturer, Hitachi! Here is my guide to the ever popular Hitachi C10FCE2 10” Compound Miter Saw. By the way, it is awfully green, just thought I would note it because I like it!

Sometimes you’ll buy a saw and find out you need something else to make it work. Not true with the Hitachi C10FCE Compound Miter Saw. It comes with everything you need from power cord to cutting blade. You can take this thing out of the box and go to town on the spot! That’s a really nice advantage over other Compound Miter Saws that may force you to buy the saw and blade separately. One time my father planned on cutting framing for a sidejoba nd bought a saw, only to find out there was no blade in the box and no blade at Home Depot that matched it! Ughhh, a whole wasted day and a disasisfied customer!

If you’re worried about power, don’t. There are 15 amps powering the Hitachi C10FCE2 Compound Miter Saw. That’s power you can rely on to get you through dozens of projects. If you can fit it in to the cutting area, you’re going to be able to cut it. (Of course, this does not cover adamantium.)

Another thing I admire about the Hitachi C10FCE2 Compound Miter Saw is the beveling angle range. You can go from between 0 – 45 and the miter range goes from 0 – 52. That means you’ll be able to cut that strange angle or get the perfect bevel for whatever it is you need without having to rent professional grade equipment, or even worse, have someone else do it for you. Ughh, I love to do it all myself, that’s why I started this site!

Just one last quick note, this is a very comfortable saw to use, well, as comfortable as a saw can be anyway. The design of the Hitachi C10FCE2 Compound Miter Saw gives you a lot of workspace so you don ‘t have to feel you’re being squished.

Rockwell RK5102k Sonicrafter Kit

Hello Readers,

Here’s a nice all-in-one set from Rockwell that people seem to like and get a lot of value from, particularly if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. The diverse Rockwell RK5102k Sonicrafter Deluxe Kit does it all; from sanding to cutting you’ll be able to do a lot more on your own and with greater precision with the Rockwell RK5102k Sonicrafter Kit.

What’s included? What’s not included!? Your hard earned dollars buy a 72 pieces worth of tools and equipment. You get sanding sheets, the Sonicrafter tool, a semicircle sawblade, scraper, cut blade, carbide grit segment blade, sanding pad, polishing pads, finger sanding pad, vacuum adapter, triangular carbide grit rasp, and a carrying bag so you don’t lose anything. (Trust me, the carrying bag is far more useful than it seems.)

Alright, I’ll admit, that does sound like a lot of jargon, so I describe what you can do with all those tools and attachments. First off, you can’t cut fingers and hands. Well, at least you probably won’t, I always find a way to hurt myself with things. It’s safe because it uses a high frequency osilation to cut hard materials and hard materials only. Definitely not useful as a bone saw, so serial killers look elsewhere.

One thing people like me appreciate is that the Rockwell RK5102k Sonicrafter Deluxe kicks up very little dust. Dust is the enemy of anyone with allergies or eyes. Imagine cutting wood and starting to get the sniffles and watery eyes, it’s dangerous and leads to lower quality work, not to mention the danger of dust getting in your eyes! Ughhh, just had that happen to me. It definitely fell under the not fun category!
I’m sure you’re saying “I already have a sander, why would I buy this tiny little thing?” Good question. You should buy it because it is small! You’ll be able to send those hard to reach corners and be able to add some extra precision to those smaller pieces of wood and metal that you could not achieve with a convention sander or saw. Simply put, it’s a quality tool designed to help you craft quality work.

Makita LCT300W Cordless Drill / Driver Set

I definitely have a preferred brand when it comes to power tools. Granted, I have power tools from Black and Decker to Craftsman depending on pricing and particular needs when I needed a particular tool. But, I do try to stick with Makita Power Tools if I can at all help it. First, when I’m working on a large jobsite, it’s easier to narrow down my tools from other people’s tools, second they look cooler, and third, I’ve just personally had better experiences with Makita tools. They haven’t really broken down on me, and I can’t say the same for some American brands. That brings me to the Makita LCT300W Cordless Drill and Nail Gun Set.

I doubt I would put all my eggs in one basket and buy a three in one power tool set from any other manufacturer other than Makita. They have earned my trust with will made tools that seem to work no matter how many times I drop them. Makita has packed a lot in this set so I’ll cover each power tool individually, let’s start with the Makita Power Drill.

The Makita Power Drill is a two speed drill. At its peak, the Makita Power Drill included in the Three Piece Makita LCT300W Power Tool Kit can deliver as much as 450 lbs. of torque even though it only weighs about 3.5 lbs! That’s quite a bit of power in such a small package! This drill is definitely a good thing to have on hand at any construction site or your own home.
The Makita Electric Hammer Gun is a variable speed impact driver. You can hammer in nails with as much as 280 lbs. in torque to power through jobs that might otherwise have taken hours to complete. Once again, Makita packed a lot of power in a small drill, a 2.8 lb. drill to be exact.

Finally we have the lithium ion battery. This battery is very energy efficient, even earning an Energy Star rating!

The battery is the real deal sealer here though. The battery can run the flashlight for as long as two continuous hour and will run the drill and hammer all day long! If you do happen to run out of battery power in the middle of a job just plug the battery in to the charger and grab a soda or a Monster energy drink. It will be charged in 15 minutes, just long enough for you to recharge your own batteries.

Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber Review

Hello Readers,
It has been a long weekend and it’s time for a nice slow day of Warcraft and Treadmill Reviews. First on today’s Treadmill Review list is the Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber. I’ve been putting this treadmill review off for a while because I have many mixed feelings about this treadmill.

Let’s start with the good. The Bowflex TC5000 Treadmill makes use of hydraulics and dual treadmill belts for each foot and delivers intense workouts without having to run. Users will burn an insane amount of calories using the Treadclimber TC5000 because it’s like having a stairway with an unlimited amount of stairs. If you’ve ever been to a baseball or football game, you know how hard it is to walk up a flight of stairs! The extra effort required by the Treadclimber also makes this treadmill an ideal piece of fitness equipment for people who can’t run due to certain injuries.

Now it’s time to talk about the bad. First is comfort. When people ask me which treadmill they should buy I always tell them to buy something comfortable. That really is the key to buying a treadmill that you’re actually going to use. Many people have found the Bowflex TC5000 TreadClimber to be very uncomfortable. The reason is the Bowflex TC5000 takes a bit more dexterity to use than a normal treadmill. You can’t just jump on and walk naturally. New users often need to take it slow and find a rhythm before things begin to feel natural. Sometimes people never find that step and the treadmill becomes a fancy coat hanger. Sorry guys, I’m just being honest.

The other drawback to the Bowflex Treadclimber is mechanics. I’ve read many complaints online and spoke with several people about how hard it was to put this treadmill together or that it just flat out broke down on them. If you do decide to buy the Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber just beware, there’s a small chance it might not work right.

Now that we have those issues out of the way I’m going to talk about some features of the Bowflex TC5000 TreadClimber. Users can walk on this, that’s it. No running. Well, at least no running faster than 4 MPH. If you think that’s slow, think again. The Bowflex TC5000’s hydraulic system makes walking extremely challenging, especially if you up the resistance levels. The Treadclimber TC5000 is also compatible with wireless heart rate monitors. Heart Rate Monitors are generally much more accurate than built-in pulse grips on most treadmills and you can use them to make your treadmill automatically adjust intensity and speed to keep your heart rate at a specific level. One other thing I would like to point out is that the TreadClimber was built with safety in mind. If you start to trip up you can easily place your feet off the belts and on the footrests to make sure you don’t fall!

Overall, this is a risky piece of fitness equipment to buy. You’re either going to love or hate the TreadClimber TC5000 Treadmill. It burns a lot more calories than conventional running or walking, just remember, it might be a little too much for some people. It does take some time getting used to and if you don’t feel comfortable on this treadmill, you’re probably not going to use it. Weigh your options, think about it carefully, them make your choice. I hope you find a treadmill that will get you to your goals!

Monday, June 22, 2009

DeWALT DC925KA Cordless Drill / Hammerdrill

The DeWALT DC925KA Cordless Drill / Hammerdrill comes with a high capacity XRP battery that offers 40% more use time than most standard cordless drill batteries. Oh, and did I mention there are two of them? The motor itself is capable of delivering 510 watts worth of power, which should be plenty of power for any do-it-yourself project and anything you’ll encounter on the jobsite.

The DeWALT DC925KA Cordless drill has three max speeds with maximum revolutions of 450 RPM, 1500 RPM, and 2000 RPM at each speed. (Remember, that’s the max RPM at each speed, things like knots in the wood you’re working on and simply not pressing down hard enough will reduce your RPM’s.) The hammer function of the DeWALT DC925KA Cordless Drill also has three speeds, with a maximum BPM of 7,650, 25,500, and 34,000. BPM is not subject to as many variables as the RPM is, and the BPM rate should be much more stable than the RPM.
The clutch has 22 settings. The chuck is designed to self tighten which means your bit isn’t going anywhere. Sure, there will be slipping with ANY drill, but DeWalt has made every effort in the design phase to keep slipping to a minimum.
Most cordless electric drills are covered by one or two year manufacturer warranties. DeWalt trusts its engineering and manufacturing enough to back the DeWALT DC925KA Cordless drill with a three year warranty, that’s a guarantee that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DEWALT DC720KA Cordless Drill Review

The DEWALT DC720KA Cordless Drill is one of the smaller, more lightweight cordless electric drills offered by DeWalt. DeWalt has designed the handle with ergonomics in mind. Ergonomics is the study of equipment design with an emphasis on reducing fatigue and injuries. Rest assured, DeWalt has done everything possible to ensure the DEWALT DC720KA Cordless Drill is as comfortable as humanly possible. One feature I’m particularly happy to tell you about is the built in LED light. As most of us know, it can get difficult to see what you’re doing, especially in tight spaces. Fortunately, the DEWALT DC720KA Cordless Drill includes a build in LED light that will help you see everything you need to when screwing in or unscrewing whatever you need to. There’s also two battery packs, that means you can use one and charge the other. What this boils down to is never running out of battery power because the other battery can be charged in an hour. For those of us who misplace things, you’ll be glad to know that there is an onboard bit storage system built right in to the drill. Never lose a bit again!